Yasmin The Arch Stylist

Yasmin – The Arch Stylist

Yasmin, otherwise known as the The Arch Stylist, is one of Australia’s best cosmetic tattooists. She started working in the beauty industry eight years ago and quickly developed a reputation as one of the best, thanks to her eye for detail and natural talent.

Two years ago, she launched The Arch Stylist and hasn’t looked back. For her, being able to spend her time helping people perfect their look and seeing the happiness that it brings, is incredibly satisfying. 

My obsession with brows goes back to my grandmother. As a little girl, I remember her having the most stunning arches. She taught me that brows are the most important facial feature. That the perfect arch highlights your natural features and frames your face
— Yasmin


Lauren joined The Arch Stylist in 2016, after spending the four years before specialising in brow and lash enhancements. She has always loved all things beauty related and loves what she does. For her, helping people to look and feel good is far more than a job, it’s a passion.

I’ve always loved all things beauty. It goes right back to when I was a toddler. As soon as I could walk I was into my Mum’s makeup and my love for all things beauty grew from there.
— Lauren


Sasha has been creating immaculate brows and lashes since 2014 and is The Arch Stylist resident lash extension and brow sculpting specialist. Producing work that has outstanding attention to detail, it is her keen eye that puts her a step above the rest. Sasha is highly requested and makes sure that every client she sees has had a fantastic personalised experience, tailored to enhance their own particular facial features. 

I’ve always loved treating myself to beauty treatments as they’re a quick and simple way to boost a woman’s confidence! Likewise for being able to be the one performing that same magic on other women- seeing them excited about their new glam brows or lashes makes me thrilled.
— Sasha