Our Top 5 Celebrity Brows

From perfectly shaped to fluffy perfection, brows are still one of the biggest beauty trends in 2017.

Here at The Arch Stylist, we're compiled a list of our favourite celebrity brows to inspire you for your next visit. Bring on the beautiful brow inspo...

Camille Belle

Look no further if you want a combination of bold-but-natural looking brows.

Camille Belle is one of the most requested looks we’ve received, her brows are full without being overwhelming.  

Achieved though a combination of tinting, feathering and grooming, these could be your own brows in no time.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox wasn’t always this babein! She owes a lot of her latest look to her brow transformation.

She’s thickened them up without going overboard. Megan has a high arch, and very structured brows, perfect for those after a perfectly manicured look.


Kendall Jenner

Not all brow envy comes from those with a sky-high arch.

Some facial features actually suit a flatter brow, which can be determined from your consult prior to your brow appointment with Yasmin or one of our other brow experts. Kendall is a perfect example of a flatter, more sultry look.




Cara Delevingne

The master of all brows, Cara’s look was the one that changed everyone’s perception of what brows should look like come 2012. 

Since she broke out onto the scene with her bushy, face framing brows, the perception of beauty has changed.

This look takes patience if you're wanting to grow out your own brows, or alternatively, feather-touch tattoo is the perfect solution.



Lily James

The effortless make up look is a big trend this season.

The appearance of ‘brushed up’ brows can make the face appear fresh, perfect for those wanting a youthful, less harsh look.

Lily James has nailed it!