Girl Bosses Who Are Ruling The Beauty World

In the beauty world, there are those brands that you've been using since forever. You know, that face wash you first started buying as a teenager. That cheap (but tried and tested) mascara you just can't beat, the shampoo you keep coming back to. 

However as we all know, there is no such thing as too much beauty and there is a refreshing and exciting new batch of beauty entrepreneurs popping up every day launching brands that are creating quite a buzz and capturing everyone's attention. 

Here are a few of our flavours of the moment... 


There is nothing better than a home-grown beauty boss. Aussie mum Renee Moore has created a clever skin product that combines five separate products into one handy sized bottle and cuts your morning beauty regimen down by half. Finally!

Cinch- Face Cheat offers as much hydration as many cream moisturisers on the market but it feels weightless on your skin. It's also got an illuminator in it to give you an instant glow, kakadu plum to help with lines and wrinkles; it’s a pore minimiser and also a primer so it’s a great base for makeup. Basically, it's a one stop shop and we're LOVING it over at The Arch Stylist. 

Cuvée Beauty

This up-and-coming hair care line harnesses the power of the pop (Champagne) in every bottle. Brand founder Rachel Katzman was inspired to start Cuvee Beauty after being drenched in everybody's favourite fizz whilst on a wild trip to Las Vegas.

She loved how soft yet textured it made her hair so she decided to develop a range of unisex hair products, including a shampoo and serum. Her good-enough-to-eat products are infused with Champagne, white truffle and other delicious botanicals. We'll take the lot thanks!  


The Buff

Another Aussie success story, this time a beauty editor, Jasmine Garnsworthy who was sick of struggling with adult acne. In a cruel twist of fate, Jasmine had access to all the beauty products in the world and yet nothing seemed to be helping clear her skin. 

After extensive research, Jasmine launched her own range of facial oils called The Buff using all natural oils and ingredients such as jojoba and lemon essential oil. 

The Buff have since expanded into body oils and personalised face oils, targeted to your individual skin needs, whether it's acne, dryness, redness or fine lines. 


Celebrity stylist (aka. hair stylist to the Kardashian's) Jen Atkin launched her eagerly awaited haircare line Ouai in early 2016, and since then, celebrities, social media influencers and beauty editors have been singing it's praises.

Chic, minimalist packaging, delicate floral fragrance, and fuss-free formulas that work. As the brand grows in 2017, so does it's list of fans.