Beautiful Brows

At The Arch Stylist we carefully craft the perfect arch for your face. An arch that highlights your features, frames your face and allows your natural beauty to shine. 

Brow Sculpting and Design

Reshape, maintain, restore, repair and regrow your brows. Through close consultation we create a plan that will allow you to have the arch that you want. An arch that brings balance and harmony to your face and highlights your natural beauty. This can be achieved through plucking, waxing, sculpting, tinting and brow enhancements. 

Feather Touch Brow Tattoo

Our artists use highly specialised cosmetic tattooing techniques to carefully and meticulously implant colour pigment beneath the surface of your skin, to create fine hair strokes that mimic your natural hair growth.  Unlike traditional body tattoos that use pure ink, cosmetic tattooing uses soft tertiary pigments. Over time these pigments are designed to gradually fade. This allows you to change the colour and shape of your enhancements, as your skin changes and your style evolves. 

Brow tattooing is an ideal semi-permanent solution if you:

• want fuller brows.
• have had hair loss due to Cancer treatment, Alopecia or trauma.
• suffer from skin diseases like Vitiligo.
• have scarring from an accident, burn or surgery.