Lip Tinting

You can have beautiful, luscious lips everyday, without having to apply makeup throughout the day. Lip tinting can give you fuller, more defined lips that look amazing for years.  

Lip tinting is ideal if you:

• want fuller, more defined looking lips
• don’t want to have to constantly apply liner or lipstick
• want to correct an asymmetry or imperfections and bring more balance to your facial features
• are looking for a permanent lipstick or blush solution.

Cosmetic Lip Tattooing

Our artists use highly specialised cosmetic tattooing techniques to carefully and meticulously implant colour pigment beneath the surface of your skin, to create permanent lip liner, colour and correct imperfections. 

Unlike traditional body tattoos that use pure ink, cosmetic tattooing uses tertiary pigments. Overtime these pigments are designed to gradually fade. This allows you to change the colour and shape of your enhancements over time, as your skin changes and your style evolves.