What to expect

Everybody reacts differently to the treatment, however most clients do have some redness and sometimes a little bit of swelling, immediately after their treatment. This is completely normal. 

The colour of your cosmetic tattoo is also likely to be darker and more intense for the first few days. However, it will gradually lighten after the first week as the skin heals. 

The complete healing process takes somewhere between six and eight weeks. It’s important to be patient and let the area heal properly. The true colour and look won’t be evident until your skin has regenerated and healed. 

What you need to do

Silicone seal – leave on for 24 hours

When we finish the treatment we apply a silicone seal to the area, to protect it in the first critical 24 hours. It is best if you don’t touch the area and wait 24 hour before removing the silicone seal. 

When it is time to remove, gently wash the silicone seal of with the sterile water wipes provided. 

‘Wait and watch’ healing method

Most of the healing and settling of the pigment happens in the first two weeks after your treatment. The best way to care for your cosmetic tattoo during this time is to do very little, let it breathe and leave it to heal. During this time:

• Shower and bathe as you normally would, but don’t immerse your face in water or allow the shower to directly spray your face, for one week. Use the sterile water wipes provided. 
• Avoid getting any active cleansers, soaps or shampoos on the area, for at least 7 days. These sorts of products can effect the bonding of the pigment, which can effect how your tattoo looks when it heals. 
• Don’t touch it! Especially if the skin becomes dry or flaky. The best thing you can do is leave it to fall off by itself. Picking it off could cause scarring or loss of pigment. Once the flakes have come off you may notice that there is a shiny layer of skin that is covering the tattoo (in some cases it might even look like it has disappeared). Don’t worry. It will come back within a week or two as the skin regenerates. 
• If it does become irritated, dry or itchy, apply a small amount of aftercare to the area.
• Don’t exercise or do anything that will make you sweaty for the first seven days.
• Go swimming for at least two weeks.  

Don’t apply any:

• cosmetics, makeup or tanning products to the area for at least two weeks.
• petroleum based products on the area while it is healing. Petroleum is found in a lot of different skin products, including Vaseline and Neosprin, so make sure you check the label of any product you are using first. 
• bleach, tint or dye the area treated for at least one month after your treatment.
• anti-acne products like Benzoyl, Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Proactive, or skin bleaching creams to the area while it is healing.
• anti-ageing or skin care products that contain Alpha Hydroxyls (AHAs), Retin-A, Lactic or Glycolic Acids.
• any hair removal products, or have threading or waxing done to the area while it is healing.

After your tattoo has healed:

Unlike traditional body tattoos that use ink, cosmetic tattooing uses pigments. Overtime these pigments are designed to gradually fade. 

Most of our clients find that their cosmetic tattoo holds the colour well once the area has healed and that it gradually fades over time. As your skin ages and begins to break down the pigment, your cosmetic tattoo will look softer and have more of a ‘powdered’ look. This is a good thing, as it allows you to adapt the colour and shape of your enhancements over time, as your skin changes and your style evolves. 

Generally speaking your treatment will need to be refreshed every year or two, but results do vary from person to person. This is because there are a range of different factors that effect how well your skin holds the pigment, from your skin type, to the colour of the pigment used and other lifestyle factors. 

Looking after it for the long term

• Apply 50+ sunscreen to the area, every day, once it has healed. This will help protect your tattoo from sun exposure and maintain the colour. 
• If you are planning a laser treatment, chemical peel, or other medical procedure, it is important to let the person treating you know that you have a cosmetic tattoo. 

If you are concerned

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The best thing to do is take a picture of the area and email your concern to hello@thearchstylist.com